What to Do When Your Computer is Being Held Hostage? - Direc Business Technologies, Philippines

What to Do When Your Computer is Being Held Hostage?

In this era, when cyber-attacks are rising and continuously evolving, one should not be complacent. One of the biggest threats our companies could face is the ransomware attack, and unprotected data could make a business fail.

Since cyber-attacks may strike at any moment of the day, the Direc Business Technologies, Inc. conducted its first Sophos webinar intending to impart the information on how a company could survive these attacks, catering to IT Professionals as the attendees. So as preventing cyberattacks, which entails that companies should strengthen security measures that combine information, technology, and personnel.

Ms. Jett Ching and Mr. Edward Teodoro from Sophos were invited as research speakers. They discussed these five topics— Security Think Tank: The Challenges Facing CISOs Today; Remember this: Ransomware Far From Gone; The Nightmare of Ransomware is Growing: The State of Cybersecurity in the Philippines; Phishing Prevention: An Essential Part of Cybersecurity; and PitchTech: An Exclusive Presentation of Sophos. These topics aimed to share the will to build and ensure secured connections with their business to optimize their cybersecurity defense with the participants.

The webinar was held under official partnerships with the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Parañaque (PCCI) and WhenInManila.com as the official media partner.