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Meet eCart, the ultimate order management tool for streamlining your franchise or distribution business process. Seamlessly integrated with leading ERP systems like SAP Business One, eCart is designed to transform the way you handle orders, from placement to fulfillment.

Smarter Order Management, Faster Growth: Upgrade Your Franchising Business with eCart 

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Smarter Order Management, Faster Growth: Upgrade Your Franchising Business with eCart

Customer Online Ordering

• Franchising and distribution customers can easily place orders online with just a few clicks, enhancing convenience and satisfaction.
• Allows customers to quickly browse and select items visually, streamlining the ordering process and increasing sales potential.

Payment Options

• eCart offers various online payment methods, including credit cards, online banking, and digital wallets, providing flexibility for customers.
• Enables secure and convenient transactions, reducing barriers to purchase and improving customer satisfaction.

Order Delivery

• Businesses can efficiently manage deliveries to multiple locations, offering customers options for pickup or delivery.
• eCart’s order management capabilities enhance customer experience by providing flexibility and choice in delivery options, leading to increased loyalty and repeat business.

Delivery Integration with Transportify

• Integration with Transportify enables same-day delivery options, connecting businesses with reliable drivers for fast and efficient service.
• Provides customers with expedited delivery options, improving satisfaction and loyalty while reducing delivery times and costs for businesses.

SMS Notification

• Instant SMS notifications keep customers informed about their order status, ensuring timely communication and transparency.
• eCart’s order management system enhances customer communication and satisfaction by providing real-time updates, reducing inquiries and improving efficiency.

Chatbox Support

• eCart’s built-in chatbox allows customers to easily communicate with support staff for assistance and inquiries, contributing to effective order management.
• Provides personalized customer support in real-time, resolving issues quickly and improving overall customer experience.

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