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Zendesk is the best CRM software for enterprises and small-to-medium businesses designed to nurture meaningful connections and maximize agent productivity. Through AI-powered automation, it offers instant issue resolution and personalized customer support experience, whether through email, live chat, or phone.

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How Our CRM Software Help Boost Customer Connection

All advanced CRM tools you can find within Zendesk.

AI Agents

Surpassing typical chatbots, our AI Agents go beyond automated responses, providing a comprehensive approach to resolving issues from end to end. Trained to understand and adapt to ticket intent and sentiment, it delivers personalized responses in your brand’s voice and tone.

Help Center

Empower your customers and team with valuable information right at their fingertips. Our customer support software enables you to create centralized knowledge bases where everyone can have freedom to find support on their own.


Zendesk ensures efficient ticket sorting, routing, and resolution through machine learning and natural language processing. With the help of AI chatbots, resolve routine tickets before they reach you.

Workforce Engagement Management

Maximize efficiency and agent deployment with AI-powered forecasting and scheduling capabilities all within one CRM software. Zendesk’s agent workspace also enhances support experience by centralizing all necessary tools in one place.

Analytics and Reporting

Gain access to actionable customer insights and real-time trend analysis for immediate issue resolution. With customizable CRM software dashboards, facilitate easy record monitoty and optimize support quality.


Discover the perfect app for your daily needs. As centralized CRM software, Zendesk has an extensive marketplace designed to facilitate seamless collaboration and integration of various systems to enhance your workflow.

Philippines’ Leading Brands Choose Zendesk As Their CRM Software

Why Choose DIREC As Your CRM Software Provider

For over a decade, Direc Business Technologies, Inc. has been driving business growth and customer satisfaction through scalable, efficient, and advanced customer support. Designed for IT, MIS, and customer service leaders throughout the Philippines, our CRM cloud solutions consistently deliver incredible customer and employee experience.

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