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Enhancing Employee Experience

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Direc Business Technologies Inc. is proud to present People Navee for all your human resource, payroll generation, time tracking needs. As an award-winning service provider of intelligent business management solutions, Direc is more than capable of helping your business grow through solutions that eliminate human errors and automate repetitive tasks.


If you want your people to be more efficient and empowered, you need software that provides their needs and helps them focus on more strategic tasks.


People Navee is designed to do just that.

What is People Navee?

People Navee is a web-based, all-in-one Human Resource Information System (HRIS) that features the latest innovations in human resource technology. The system includes Employee 201, timekeeping, and payroll management — everything you need in a single, user-friendly platform.

On-the-go access and Employee Self-Service

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Make records management easier by having access to data whenever and wherever you need it. Allow employees to take and do what they need via the self-service option.

Comprehensive Employee Management

Increase overall company productivity by setting common goals, providing quick resolutions to workplace concerns, and giving employees the avenue to express their thoughts and strategies.

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Personalized Experience for All

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Let us adapt to your office culture for a personalized experience. Our platform is fully customizable to fit your unique work setup and human resource needs.

How It Works

People Navee allows your human resource officers to manage everything in one platform, automate day-to-day repetitive tasks, and your employees to fulfill their needs, file their leaves, check their pay slips, with the self-service option.

Create your employee database on the platform, upload new employee data in just a few clicks, pay taxes and government contributions automatically, and quickly compute your payroll – all these amazing features are available on People Navee.

What’s more is it is fully customizable to fit your company needs. Our rockstart product consultants will ensure that your requirements and expectations are met.

How much does People Navee cost and how can you get started?

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