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Navigating through the modern digital age we are in is not a simple thing to do. Despite having ingrained the use of technology in our daily lives, the digital world is one that is not perfect. Security is still an ever-present issue that people are still finding ways of addressing.

On the level of organizations and businesses, cyber and/or digital security is becoming more important as data becomes increasingly valuable. For many businesses in the Philippines, endpoint security solutions are being adopted to address security concerns. However, many people are still not familiar with what that really is.

Put simply, endpoint security refers to a framework comprised of different ideas and processes that were made to protect endpoints. An endpoint is a term that pertains to remote or wireless computer devices such as smartphones and laptops. These endpoints are what connect you to networks like the internet. Endpoint security solutions are progressive methods of protection beyond your usual ad-blocking and antivirus programs that you would do well to know more about.



Endpoints Are More Vulnerable than Ever

It is no secret that technology has improved and optimized the way business is conducted at all levels. Since information technology is getting better and more sophisticated, both consumers and enterprises have much to gain from using and maximizing available technology for their benefit. However, this type of thinking tends to leave security as an afterthought.

That is because it can be easy to overlook that there are people with malicious intent looking to exploit digital systems, or even worse, the digital systems that you are using. You have to accept that they are also continually improving and adapting their tools and methods of attack. This leaves endpoints, the devices that you use to connect to a given network, more vulnerable than ever.

User devices are generally considered to be the weak points of a given digital network structure, and these days, almost everyone has a mobile phone and/or computer. This gives attackers plenty of avenues to potentially exploit. The more endpoints you have, the higher the risk will be.

From stolen data to viruses, malware, and more, the potential effects of a compromised endpoint can be devastating. Endpoint security solutions, in the Philippines or anywhere else, is the best way of protecting you and your business from potential threats.

The Philippines has a growing IT Industry

Having established the general need for digital security, it is important to know where it is most needed. The information technology industry is one that stands out the most primarily because all IT-related organizations and their respective products and services revolve around the use of computers. It is an industry that lives in the digital world.

The Philippines has one of the fastest-growing IT industries, and if you or your business is a part of it, then you should strongly consider implementing a comprehensive endpoint security system. Not only will it be beneficial for your enterprise but it also helps maintain the growth of the industry as a whole. Expect endpoint security to become industry-standard.

Having said that, it would still be wise to have a form of endpoint security regardless of what industry you are a part of. If you are using a device that is considered an endpoint, then there is immediate value in adopting such a security system. There is no telling when someone will take advantage of a vulnerable computer device, so it would be best to stay on the side of caution.

Components of Endpoint Security

What will be included in your endpoint protection system will depend on your security provider. To give you a good picture of how comprehensive endpoint security solutions in the Philippines can be, here are some of its most important elements.

Antivirus Tools

Antivirus software does not constitute real endpoint security because it does not offer enough protection from all the different kinds of digital threats. While antivirus tools are still an important component, modern endpoint security systems are capable of more than just weeding out viruses and malware.

Internet Security

The internet is the primary source of unwanted programs, such as viruses. Since most devices are capable of connecting to the internet, it is important to minimize the risks that are associated with it. A computer device that is infected with a virus can be left useless and expensive to repair.

In the worst cases, malicious programs called ‘ransomware’ can indefinitely lock your computer until you are literally forced to shell out a considerable amount of money in order to get it back. If you cannot afford to be in such situations, then it would be better to invest in endpoint security.

Device Management and Access Control

Computers naturally rely on networks (with the internet being called “the network of networks”) for data-sharing. Device management and access control are elements of endpoint security that regulate and monitor devices that are connected to your business network. This includes networks used by multiple employees such as SAP software for manufacturing in the Philippines. It helps in the detection and prevention of unauthorized devices connecting, accessing, and potentially compromising your data.


Encryption encodes information into a form that only authorized parties can read, let alone access. In conjunction with the previous aspects of endpoint security, this adds another layer of protection from would-be attackers trying to access important information.

Data Analytics

While data analytics are not responsible for deterring threats from compromising your device, it does help in improving the system that is already in place. This is more valuable to endpoint security providers because they can use the gathered data to enhance further the services that they give to their clients — allowing them to be one step ahead of their adversaries.

To be clear, the best endpoint security solutions in the Philippines will not be limited to what is mentioned above. There are more security elements and layers of protection that can be added, so remember to choose a security provider that can give you the most protection.

Differences Between Consumer and Enterprise Endpoint Security

As alluded to above, endpoint security is readily available for both individual consumers and enterprise networks. While the latter has more to gain from it because it has more to lose, it is still important to know how endpoint security differs when applied at different levels.


For individual consumers, the endpoint security system is configured and set up individually or per device. This makes a lot of sense when you factor in how many endpoints are available in a given home network. People usually have only one or two personal computers and one mobile phone. Configuring the software is done per device, and updates are received directly from the security provider by way of the internet.

For enterprises, a streamlined and centralized method of configuration is done. Because enterprise networks are comprised of all the endpoint devices of each member, it would be inefficient to do it individually. A single sign-on and downloading process on the central server would be enough to provide the necessary software and update for all the endpoint devices. This allows for lessened reliance on the internet.


In terms of control, it is also reasonably straightforward. Individual consumers have full access and control over their security system. Individual alerts and log-entries are not shared with other devices. Meanwhile, enterprises rely on centralized administration. This means network-wide usage policies are easily enforced, and data from each endpoint is shared with the central administration server. Analysis and evaluation are done comprehensively.

The important thing to note here is that there is little to no difference when it comes to the level of security being provided. Whether you want digital security for your personal devices or for your enterprise in the Philippines, endpoint security solutions can still be applied.

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