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Direc’s Real Estate Management System (DREAMS) is the ultimate web-based solution designed to enhance property management in the Philippines. As the real estate market continues to upscale, traditional systems fall short in handling the complexities of property data and business operations. DREAMS efficiently manages property assignments, reservations, payment computations, and extensive reporting. DREAMS seamlessly integrates with ERP software, providing real estate managers with a comprehensive solution for property management, financial tracking, and business operations.

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See How DREAMS Simplifies Real Estate Management

Real Estate Property Management

Easily manage multiple properties with instant recording of customer information, property documents, and transaction statuses.

Buyer's Information Data

Centralize client data for easy tracking from initial inquiry to closing.

Customer Online Sales Quotation

Generate instant sales quotations and financial assessments for prospective buyers.

Property Selection and Reservation

Graphically present site details and availability to potential buyers.

Payment Management

Automate payment recording, due dates, penalties, and various payment methods.

Document Requirement Management

Streamline the submission and tracking of required documents.


Automate changes in payment plans, transfer of units, and adjustments for distressed accounts.

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Quick Access to Information

Access all data with a single click, ensuring secure and simplified data management.

Minimized Administration Cost

Reduce administrative expenses by eliminating duplicate work and calculation errors.

Easier Payment Schedule Monitoring

Automate payment schedules and monitor them effectively.

Convenient Document Storage

Securely store and retrieve buyer documents, protecting against loss or misplacement.

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