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Sales Cube:

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Sales Cube is the ultimate solution for companies looking to streamline their sales order processing and exceed customer expectations. Designed for the distribution sector in the Philippines, it optimizes operations, minimizes errors, and drives efficiency throughout the sales process. And with seamless integration with SAP Business One, businesses can achieve even greater synergy in their operations.

Turn Orders into Loyalty: See how Sales Cube simplifies sales order processing.

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Sales Ordering

Simplify sales order processing by empowering sales staff to take orders directly to customers outside the office. Reduce manual re-keying and errors for a streamlined sales process.

Delivery Management

Efficiently manage deliveries with route maps and schedules, integrated with Waze for optimized navigation. This ensures timely shipments and smooth sales order processing to enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Payment Collection

Expedite sales order processing by collecting payments at the point of delivery, providing flexibility and convenience to customers. Print receipts on-site for immediate acknowledgment to improve cash flow management and accelerating revenue generation.


Sales Cube offers intuitive dashboards including user profiles, top-order items, and daily sales reports. You can customize reports to fit your needs.

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