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Cloud Solutions

We believe in the power of smart collaboration.

Plan, organize, and track all your team’s work in one place leading to better organization and efficiency in their work.



The ultimate web-based solution designed to enhance property management in the Philippines. DREAMS efficiently manages property assignments, reservations, payment computations, and extensive reporting. DREAMS seamlessly integrates with ERP software, providing real estate managers with a comprehensive solution for property management, financial tracking, and business operations.



Meet eCart, the ultimate order management tool for streamlining your franchise or distribution business process. Seamlessly integrated with leading ERP systems like SAP Business One, eCart is designed to transform the way you handle orders, from placement to fulfillment.



iCAPTURE is an advanced automatic meter reading (AMR) system designed for efficient, accurate, and real-time collection of utility meter data. Trusted by public and private sectors, iCAPTURE is the ultimate solution for businesses looking to save resources, eliminate recording errors, and break free from time-consuming manual processes. Seamlessly integrate our AMR system to your SAP for enhanced utility management.


Linkbox is a cutting-edge ERP integration tool tailored for seamless and secure third-party app connections to enhance your existing ERP capabilities or integrate a new system. It ensures that your data, processes, and protocols are smoothly linked to your desired apps, and synchs effortlessly with SAP and other platforms to achieve continuous operations and maximize efficiency.


Sales Cube

Sales Cube is the ultimate solution for companies looking to streamline their sales order processing and exceed customer expectations. Designed for the distribution sector in the Philippines, it optimizes operations, minimizes errors, and drives efficiency throughout the sales process. And with seamless integration with SAP Business One, businesses can achieve even greater synergy in their operations.


Warehouse Management System

Managing your warehouse has never been easier with Direc’s WMS! Our modern warehouse management system is designed to streamline day-to-day business operations and boost efficiency. Leverage real-time data to manage orders, shipments, receipts, and inventory movements seamlessly within one unified platform, accessible anytime, anywhere!

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