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Lark: Your Productivity SUPERAPP

Boost your team’s performance with all-in-one software that streamlines planning, tracking, and collaboration, from desk to frontline.

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Simplify teamwork and achieve more with advanced operations, communication, and project management software that integrates all essential tools in one easy-to-use platform. Designed with the needs of small to medium businesses in mind, Lark is your next-generation workflow solution to keep your business in check at every angle.

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Supercharge Productivity in One Workspace for All Teams

Save time, money, and resources switching from one app to another with an all-in-one SUPERAPP.





Stay connected with your team and keep everyone in sync wherever they are. Lark Messenger consolidates all productivity tools into one chat. Effortlessly collaborate, share, schedule, and approve right from your chat feed.





Collaborate on documents in real-time with Lark Docs. Create, edit, share, and organize files effortlessly with secure permission controls. From docs to sheets and mindmaps, easily migrate files and bring your creative ideas to life.





Host interactive meetings with up to 1,000 participants through Lark Meetings. Schedule, join, and manage video conferences with ease, complete with live doc sharing, smart meeting minutes, and real-time translation.





Stay organized with Lark Calendar. Schedule appointments, set reminders, and manage team schedules seamlessly from one screen. Subscribe to public calendars to ensure everyone stays in the loop and never misses an event.





No need to change your email habits. Manage your email communications all with Lark Email. Sync your Gmail and integrate email into messenger for easier sending, receiving, and organizing internal and external messages.





Streamline approval processes with a few clicks even on the go. Choose from hundreds of templates, automate workflows, track requests, and ensure timely approvals with ease.





Centralize your organizational knowledge and resources, be it docs, sheets, or databases. Create, organize, and share information effortlessly. From FAQs to best practices, keep everyone on the same page with essential information within reach.





Optimize your operations with advanced AI automation. From project management, task tracking, inventory monitoring to even routine admin tasks, Lark Base offers customizable solutions to meet your business needs, day in and day out.

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From retail and manufacturing to finance and healthcare, Direc Business Technologies, Inc. has partnered with diverse industries, helping transform their business operations. Our mission is simple: to streamline business collaboration, enhance productivity, and drive efficiency through innovative, cost-effective digital solutions.

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