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Direc’s WMS:

Warehouse Management System in the Philippines

Seamless, flexible, enhanced warehouse management system to unlock the full potential of your business operations.

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Managing your warehouse has never been easier with Direc’s WMS! Our modern warehouse management system is designed to streamline day-to-day business operations and boost efficiency. Leverage real-time data to manage orders, shipments, receipts, and inventory movements seamlessly within one unified platform, accessible anytime, anywhere!

Optimize your business operations and manage your warehouse like never before. Explore Direc’s WMS TODAY!

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Key Features of Direc’s Warehouse Management System

Receiving and Releasing

Simplify the process of receiving and releasing goods with our advanced warehouse management system. Track every item from arrival to dispatch with ease, ensuring nothing gets lost in the shuffle.

Quality Assurance

Maintain the highest standards of quality with integrated quality checks at every step. Our modern warehouse management system helps you catch issues early, reducing returns and boosting customer satisfaction.

Inventory Transfer

Move inventory effortlessly between locations. With accurate tracking and tracing, our warehouse management system helps minimize errors and makes internal transfers a breeze.

Bin Allocation

Maximize your storage space with intelligent bin allocation. With a warehouse management system at your fingertips, ensure your items are in the most efficient spots, improving retrieval times and space utilization.

Barcode Printing

Generate and print barcodes directly from the system. Using industry-approved hardware and an integrated printing feature in our warehouse management system, you can simplify inventory management even at scale.

How Our Warehouse Management System Optimizes Business Operations

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Our WMS adapts to your business through a system that fits to your specific logistics.

budget, WMS philippines

Reduce operational costs and run a smarter, leaner warehouse.

WMS automated inventory real-time tracking

Automated inventory counts for real-time tracking and reduced manual errors

warehouse management software, solutions in the philippines

Manage warehouses on the go through on-cloud operations

centralized warehouse management platform and operations, philippines

Effortlessly manage warehouse operations on one centralized platform

warehouse management integration features with SAP ERP, Philippines

Seamlessly integrate to SAP for simplified warehouse management

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