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The first cloud ERP platform

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Direc Business Technologies Inc. is a new service partner of Oracle Netsuite – a unified business management suite that encompasses all functions from ERP, financials, CRM, to ecommerce and caters to more than 27,000 customers worldwide.


Build companies from the ground up and watch them succeed from having a smooth, streamlined operation.


NetSuite accelerates growth and drives innovation

What Is NetSuite?

NetSuite is the first cloud enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform and an all-in-one business management solution that help organizations operate more effectively and efficiently towards their business goals.

Real-time View of Performance

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Your operational and financial performance are fully visible, thus you get a real-time overview of how your business is doing which allows you to foresee challenges and respond fast.

Avenue for Informed Decisions

Access all your performance data from all areas of the business, get a quick report, summary, and analytics, which let you make informed and data-driven decisions.

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Simplified Business

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Run all aspects of your business in a single platform, automate your processes, and streamline your operations – all this is possible with NetSuite.

How It Works

NetSuite is an ERP suite with cloud-based applications for managing different areas of a company such as accounting, finance, human resource, customer service, among others.

Be more productive, efficient, and deliver a complete picture.

NetSuite is everything your business needs in one place.

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