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SAP Business One is your ultimate ERP ally for SMB growth. It streamlines operations, boosts productivity, and drives growth—all while keeping costs manageable. With everything in one platform, from finances to inventory and sales, you’ll gain instant access to complete information and accelerate profitable growth.

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Smart Business Growth Starts with SAP Business One’s Trusted Features

DBTI - Accounting & Management System module

Accounting and Financial Management



• Maintain your general ledger, journals, budgets, and accounts receivables and payables.
• Streamline financial processes and ensure compliance with industry regulations.

Sales and Customer Relationship Management (CRM)



• Manage the entire sales process from lead generation to closing the sale.
• Effectively track customer interactions and provide personalized support.

DBTI - Sales and Customer Relationship
DBTI - Purchasing and Operations

Purchasing and Operations



• Control the procurement process from requisition to payment.
• Optimize purchasing decisions and vendor relationships to drive efficiency.

Inventory and Distribution



• Manage inventory across multiple warehouses and locations.

• Track stock movements, optimize inventory levels, and minimize stockouts.

DBTI - Inventory and Distribution
DBTI - Reporting and Analytics

Reporting and Analytics



• Create, manage, and distribute reports to gain insights into business performance.
• Foster clarity and informed decision-making through customizable reporting and analytics tools.

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