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Third-party data integration is simple and secured with advanced ERP middleware.

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Linkbox is the cutting-edge ERP integration tool tailored for seamless and secure third-party app connections. Whether to enhance your existing ERP capabilities or integrate a new system, Linkbox ensures that your data, processes, and protocols are smoothly linked to your desired apps. 

Sync effortlessly with SAP and other platforms to achieve continuous operations and maximize efficiency.

Unlock the potential of your ERP ecosystem with Linkbox today!

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How Our Middleware Works for Better ERP Connection

User Management

Effortlessly handle user registration and access permissions with Linkbox, your reliable ERP middleware solution. Empower your team to manage user data efficiently and securely through specific authorizations tailored to your organization’s needs.

Data Configuration

As a flexible ERP integration tool, Linkbox allows seamless SAP connections and database configuration. Optimize your system’s performance by centralizing and streamlining configuration processes for enhanced productivity.

File Upload

Automate files and data uploads effortlessly with ERP middleware. Whether it’s automatic or manual uploads, our solution ensures error-free data transfers, boosting efficiency and reducing manual workload.

Email Management

Set up and manage email recipients and additional content within your ERP system using Linkbox integration platform. Enhance communication and streamline workflows by configuring personalized email notifications tailored to your business needs.

Why Choose Linkbox As Your ERP Middleware

• No more manual transactions between systems.
• Compatible with CSV, XLS, XLXS
• Log errors via email, so you’re always notified.
• Automated data integrations to reduce manual errors
• Comprehensive support and maintenance from trusted experts

Why Choose Direc As Your ERP Middleware Provider

Technology is constantly evolving, and so are we, at Direc Business Technologies, Inc. We keep pace with industry trends and innovations to offer you future-proof ERP middleware solutions that empower your business for long-term success. Join over 500 satisfied clients who have experienced our commitment to digital excellence first-hand!

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