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Improved Work Efficiency Through Automated Back-office Functions

Direc Business’ ERP Solutions in the Philippines is the number one choice preferred by many industries to improve the overall health of the company by managing and integrating complex processes.

But before going into the nitty gritty of enterprise resource planning (ERP), let’s take a look into a little bit of what it can do.

Whether you’re running a small enterprise or a large organization, there’s bound to be bottlenecks or inefficiencies that you might not really know how to handle. You’ve done everything possible — from making changes in the way your servers provide a type of service, to undertaking a complete restructuring of your organizational model. But nothing seems to be working.

In this situation, you’ll greatly benefit from turning to enterprise resource planning services. What it generally does is to improve the visibility of your organization. Storing data and information, collaborating with different departments, and making data-based decisions have never been easier with an ERP application.

Before, enterprise resource planning technology was merely used for inventory management. Today, the tool is being used for many operations at the back-office, and not only from the front-end. This gives your business unparalleled capabilities when it comes to data management, system integration, automation, data analysis, customer relationship management, and many more.

With an ERP application, you’ll be able to smoothly conduct a migration of your inventory management through an innovative solution that provides your business with ultimate scalability and seamless operational organization. You’ll find all of these, and more, with Direc Business’s state-of-the-art ERP technologies that have been engineered to support you and your organization as a whole.

Features of Efficient ERP Solutions

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Enterprise resource planning integrates and automates business processes that can be shared company-wide in real-time. The tool not only improves the efficiency of a company but also enhances customer service and corporate image. Here are some of the applications and features of ERP solutions in the Philippines.

Financial Management

Direc Business’ SAP Business One and SAP Business ByDesign enterprise resource planning softwares comprises financial management features that store, monitor, and analyze financial data. Accounts payable, accounts receivable, costs, budgets, and forecasts are some of the financial processes that an ERP software solution can manage to do. This software gives your organization higher visibility and function, allowing you to unite and centralize all your financial operations in order to generate higher revenue and better capital.

Apart from that, the financial management aspect of this SAP software solution can tremendously improve your cash flow. In addition, it also lowers costs and increases profitability while at the same time, maintaining accurate reporting. For instance, it allows you to replace processes and other redundancies that are causing lower profits and higher spending.

Customer Relationship Management

To better address the needs, preferences, and buying patterns of customers, SAP Business One and SAP Business ByDesign present an ideal solution. Through the CRM aspect of these enterprise resource planning solutions, you will be able to keep track of each customer and sales statistics. Regardless of the insights you may obtain from the CRM option points; you can use this to optimize the marketing and sales efforts. Apart from that, here are other CRM-related tasks you can perform with the use of ERP solutions.

  • CRM allows a company to better manage activities like invoicing
  • Deliver relevant and real-time information
  • Monitor the overall status of the contracts that will help gain a better understanding of the proposal as well as keep it
  • Developer better and more personalized relationships with clients

Sales and Marketing

Sales inquiries, quotations, sales orders, and sales invoices – these are some of the tasks that have sales and marketing features. Direc Business’ ERP solutions specifically contain sales and marketing components that can automate tracking and quickly obtain information. They’re also advanced enough to handle and process taxation rules and shipping trackers. Apart from that, these solutions may access reports that explain key business metrics. These business metrics support your business to foster overall organizational growth.

Human Resources

Onboarding, off-boarding, compensation management, and timekeeping are a few of the automated tasks that the Business One and Business ByDesign can do. In addition to that, these enterprise resource planning applications should be able to do a full scope of employee management. With that, payroll software almost alleviates the tedious task of manually computing the salaries. These ERP solutions also have other features such as automation of payments, which includes deductions for tax and benefits.

Supply Chain Management

Many businesses today choose to implement the continuous-flow supply chain model. As the term suggests, the model features a scheduled process and steady, continuous flow of products to meet the stability between supply and demand. With this, the business performs constant replenishment of products for the market to avail of any time they need it.

Given the complex process of replenishing predefined stock levels, the Business ByDesign presents a viable solution to speed up the process as well as make it easier for users to manage it. Its supply chain management feature enables your business to conduct real-time data gathering that supports demand planning.

With this, your business is more enabled to create a precise production plan that meets the demand but does not exceed it. You would also be able to reduce certain costs that may arise from inventory mismanagement and even supply chain disruptions.


Both of Direc Business’ enterprise resource planning solutions have the key functionalities of production scheduling, billing of material, and distribution planning. Manufacturing means there is a portion of the business that needs inventory management. With that, supply chain management is integrated with manufacturing features, especially in the areas of distribution, product planning, and inventory control. Similar to the ERP solution for supply management, manufacturing includes inventory goals, standardized replenishment.

Ways ERP Solutions Improve Work Efficiency

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Time is money. Wasting time is hurting your business more than you will ever know. Increased efficiency entails reduced operational costs and better customer service. With that, here are some of the ways both of these ERP solutions in the Philippines from Direc Business can improve your work efficiency.

Streamline Management Processes

Regardless of the nature of the business, obtaining ERP solutions can help the company execute complex and repetitive actions. An effective ERP solution like Business One or Business Business ByDesign should provide functionality for managing inventory, accounting, contact management, warehouse management, as well as order entry.

Employees perform a lot of manual tasks. If your business only has a small number of orders, managing manually is fine. However, automating functions can allow your business to save hours of work, which is necessary, as your business scales and grows.

Greater Control of Finances

In reality, obtaining an enterprise resource planning software solution does not come easy. Especially if you have limited ideas as to how much capital you must allot for it. ERP solutions are priced differently depending on the user’s requirements.

For small to medium businesses, it is advisable to acquire cloud-deployed platforms, like what the SAP Business ByDesign provides. On the other hand, a small business might benefit better from inexpensive packages like SAP Business One. Pricing usually comes with a standard quote, based on features, user subscriptions, and single pricing models.

With this in mind, you should be able to have an idea of your organization’s needs. Try to identify areas of improvement, especially on data centralization, integration, financial management, supply chain management, and visibility of operations.

Efficient Viewing of Organizational Performance

Direc Business’ line of ERP solutions should be able to organize information that provides access to a central location. A management team or personnel can easily spot individual performance. These integrated business software solutions play a vital role in organizing information and sending it to the centralized system. Finally, ERP improves employee performance and helps. Supervisors would be allowed to track the progress of every phase of the project.

Signs Your Business Needs an ERP System

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Is the company growing bigger which forces you to hire more personnel? Are you having a hard time accessing some files from a particular location? Is every task too manual for your fast-paced environment? Here are some of the signs your business might be needing ERP solutions in the Philippines.

Data Is No Longer Manageable

With all the departments in your organization, it is just normal for data to flood. Apart from that, the data is also difficult to share, access, and exchange between departments. This creates some routine tasks like onboarding. The ERP is in place to automatically give updates across the board. With this, human intervention tremendously eliminates the need for administration.

Insights are Ineffective

Enterprise resource planning is like an umbrella that allows you to have a bigger view of the advantages and disadvantages that you might encounter moving forward. You will know that you need to replace or use the ERP solution when you wake up to your business, losing its market share. You have the data, but you do not know how to read, interpret, and understand how the insights work. Take note: ERP is an efficient tool that automates tasks, especially ones that are simple

Departments Find It Difficult to Collaborate

Communication between departments or teams in the office is either done through meetings or virtual meetings through digital tools. Data is shared through tools that are prone to conditions. With a single, flexible ERP solution, each collaborator will be able to access the data without any hindrances. Many employees get confused with the different tools, primarily if the departments use various tools.

Customer is Unsatisfied

At the end of the spectrum, satisfied customers become buyers who patronize your products and services. They basically keep your business alive and well. As much as they are loyal to your brand, they also have the power to encourage new customers. If there is one thing that you must avoid at all costs, it’s failing to acknowledge and resolve a customer’s complaint. Imagine the time it will take you to look for information if you use different sets of disjointed and non-centralized data with varied locations and passwords. The more time you make the customers wait, the more they will feel you are incompetent in resolving it.

Improve the overall work efficiency of your organization with ERP Solutions in the Philippines!

n the Philippines, ERP solutions have changed their purpose, from gathering inventory counts to determining replenishment schedules. Today, ERP is being used for managing day-to-day business activities such as financial management, sales or marketing, human resource, and customer relationship management. In simpler terms, all tasks related to technology, services, and human resources as well as planning. Whether it’s cyber security training in the Philippines or otherwise, make sure to focus on a solution that best addresses what your business needs.

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