How to Manage Increasing Cyber Attacks in Times of Pandemic - Direc Business Technologies, Philippines
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How to Manage Increasing Cyber Attacks in Times of Pandemic

The webinar last September 25, 2020, was attended to by MIS and IT Professionals from Retail, Distribution, Manufacturing, and Logistics industries, as to know how they will secure their company’s IT infrastructure with Sophos End-to-End solution, especially during this pandemic crisis.

This online event’s main objective is to share with them the latest cyber issues faced by every business for them to know of the new cyber strategies and techniques that can help their IT operations overcome cyber risks by using the Sophos solution.

Moreover, this webinar has imparted what the participants need to know about the cyberattack trends this 2020 in order to make this successful, Ms. Jett Ching, the Territory Manager at SOPHOS Philippines, and Ms. Marbia Jorge, the Senior Technical Engineer at Direc Business Technologies, Inc. discussed the topics, “Getting to Know the New Cyber Threats in Today’s Crisis”, and “Pitchtech: How can Sophos help?”.

The speakers have reiterated that since many companies have shifted to remote working, the risk of cyber threats is still increasing, especially in these unprecedented times. Organizations must come prepared to strengthen their business to minimize and overcome any potential threats. They have also featured Sophos products as a helpful tool for their business in facing cybercriminals and cybersecurity threats by presenting its advantages over other competitors in the market.