Direc Business Technologies, Inc. Joins NetSuite Solution Provider Program - Direc Business Technologies, Philippines

Direc Business Technologies, Inc. Joins NetSuite Solution Provider Program

Elevate the standard of how you RUN your business.

A decade in the industry, yet we continue to find ways to serve you better. We continue to seek solutions that fit the different goals and priorities of our clients because we know that in business management solutions, it is never a case of one-size-fits-all.

Today, Direc Business Technologies, Inc. is excited to announce that we are now a PARTNER and SERVICE PROVIDER of one of the most powerful business management solutions in existence: ORACLE NETSUITE!

“Officially becoming an Oracle Netsuite partner is a big milestone and honor. Our mid-market target in rural telecom and consumer imports is looking to modernize system capabilities right now to prepare for what is coming. Netsuite is a critical part of the winning formula and is clearly the #1 ERP. Excited for 2022 with Oracle by your side!”

– Aaron Lebato, Netsuite Owner

Oracle NetSuite is the #1 and the world’s most proven, trusted, and deployed ERP solution used by more than 40,000 organizations across the world in 160 countries. Designed for the modern industry, it is a highly-scalable solution with various functionalities that can support 190 currencies and can handle global expansion.

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