Breaking Barriers: Shifting to Remote Working with Unbreakable Connectivity - Direc Business Technologies, Philippines

Breaking Barriers: Shifting to Remote Working with Unbreakable Connectivity

Due to the pandemic situation, the remote working setup has been the current trend and has been necessary for most companies. To help gain insights on securing their connectivity 24/7, the Direc Business Technologies, Inc. organized the first webinar featuring Peplink’s SD-WAN Technology as a fast, secure, reliable, and affordable connectivity every company would want. The webinar was attended to by IT Professionals from Retail, Distribution, Manufacturing, and Logistics industries.

The event’s objective was to provide knowledge on how they will implement a seamless business operation without network downtime, especially in this new normal work setup, through utilizing Peplink’s SD-WAN, which ensures a stable connection that is necessary for every business operations continuity.

The speakers of this event were Mr. Chris de Luna, from Netplay Inc., and Engr. James Kevin Chua, a Project Engineer at Direc Business Technologies, Inc. and they tackled the topics “Building an Unbreakable Network Connectivity “, “Protecting Critical Digital Connectivity During this Crisis”, “Best Strategies on How to Implement a Work from Home Set-Up Amidst a Crisis”, and “Pitchtech: Overview Presentation of Peplink”.

The speakers discussed how organizations could build a 24/7 fast and secure network connection, given the current working setup trend. Engr. Chua had pointed out how to get seamless network connectivity during this crisis for better access to information and business opportunities. Moreover, Mr. De Luna presented how the participants will be remote-ready by learning what Peplink products are capable of in helping their business and employees in arranging their work-from-home setup.