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Direc Business Technologies Inc. is a partner and service provider of SYSPRO in the Philippines. With a goal to help companies grow, it knows the importance of an Enterprise Resource Planning solution to companies in the manufacturing, distribution, and food and beverage industries.


Manufacturing and distribution may be a big, complicated business, but your success can be simplified.

That is what SYSPRO is here for.


SYSPRO is an ERP solution specifically design for businesses in the manufacturing and distribution industry. It is equipped with a supply chain optimization feature, artificial intelligence, business performance management, and inventory management, among many more.

Global Team of Specialists

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Because our product is designed for a particular industry, you can expect the support of a global team of specialists who speaks your language.

Designed for a Digital Future

As we transition to a digital world, this software is designed to be at par with the latest technologies, hence the artificial intelligence and digitalization features. You will never be a step behind of anyone.

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Tailored Solutions

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Your team of specialists always ensure that your ERP solution fits your exact business needs for peak performance and productivity.

How It Works

SYSPRO is your business process management system that simplifies your business operations through digitalization and automation to drive maximum efficiency, top-notch performance, and improved reliability.

You can focus on strategically expanding your business without wasting time on repetitive operational matters.

We review and solve your manufacturing and distribution challenges with you.

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