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About Direc Business Technologies, Inc.

Apart from our cutting-edge intelligent business management expertise, we also pride ourselves on proven implementation methodology, high-quality services, and excellent customer support.


We are always up to date with business trends and new technologies which enable us to deliver relevant solutions to enterprises today!

A group pictorial of the Direc Business Technologies Inc. team


We create and add value through cost-effective and quality products and services that exceed the needs and expectation of our client.



To be the leading partner of intelligent business solutions through meaningful innovation and great customer experience.

Our Company History

Direc Business Technologies, Inc., established in 2011, began with a number of eight people, with two of them being the founders, one of them being the company president from the starting point up to this day— Mr. Tennyson Ngo.


These people met by working in the same company that molded them into being all these hardworking individuals after the common hardships that they have experienced, but that was just the start.


Upon beginning as a group who shared the same vision, they only had one motivation to continue: To perform better and exceed the four-year standing of the former company they have worked for, but in fact, the journey of experiencing difficulties, delayed salaries, insufficient cash in the bank, and dwelling in a small residential area as their initial office has become the foundation of the deeper sense of vision in their diligent works.


In 2015, after being successful with their goal and perseverance in empowering people, they were ready to appoint their leaders, and with conviction, it shows, the continuous growth of the company started from the right people who are all driven, motivated, and filled with integrity.


For this reason, Direc Business Technologies, Inc. is continuously able to differ from other companies of the same industry as they know how to value their customers, respond in a fast manner, and resolve their clients’ problems on point­— The sole reason why this company is wholly trusted and carries on with being referred to other clients. It is proudly growing with a hundred percent certified consultants and assured customer support.


Mr. Tennyson Ngo believes that success cannot be achieved overnight and that there is no single ingredient in overcoming the trials every company has to face, it is always a composite of the people and their effort, the long labor hours, and their attention and dedication to work.


With that, Direc Business Technologies, Inc. is not only a company full of trained and successful working people but of individuals who have the heart in serving and supporting the needs of their progressing clientele.

Direc Business Formula

Our successful projects don’t happen by accident! It requires a balanced solution that considers the power of every significant force. One of the main secrets to successful projects is knowing the rules of the game. Do you want to know how Direc’s winning formula can benefit you?


Customer & Solutions Focused

Expert services centered on clients


Technical Excellence

Dedicated agile software developed by teams and composed of the best software engineers


One Partner Built for Scale

A comprehensive service model to optimize IT investments


Value-Based Pricing

We make it really quick and easy to correctly build and price combinations of products and services

Our Corporate Values



We excellently work with passion, initiative, self-motivation, and commitment to deliver great customer experience and business results.



We uphold the highest ethical standards of trustworthiness in our actions and decisions.



We demonstrate ingenuity, creativity, and resourcefulness in developing innovative solutions and excellent services.


Entrepreneurial Spirit​​

We work diligently, with an owners’ mindset, to be the preferred and most respected business management solutions partner.



We act in synergy as a team as we work jointly with our business partners to deliver the best idea, solution, and service.

Direc Business Technology Inc. employees during a meeting at the office

Why Choose Us

We are proud to pronounce our commitment to recognizing, meeting, and achieving the expectations of our customers by continuously improving our processes. We are also focusing on providing, at most on-time, quality services.