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Transitioning Your Business for Remote and Distributed Work

As we are shifting to the “New Normal” work scheme and the provision for remote work is essential in this ever-changing and ever-advancing IT, the Direc Business Technologies, Inc, offers a new webinar this month.


This webinar will be held on October 27, 2020, at 2 PM via Zoom, as to feature the SAP Business One software under ERP Solutions. The Direc Business Technologies, In. is inviting the  Company ERP Administrator and IT Personnel from the different industries to know the ways on how to leverage SAP Business One to maintain secured and easy access which is critical to a remote Work and BYOD Scenarios.


Moreover, the webinar’s main objective is to guide the participants in determining business risks in catastrophic business disruptions and help them to develop a long-term strategy for distributed access to SAP Business One. The session will also include the different measures and provisions in maintaining adequate access and secure connectivity to SAP Data while working remotely.


In this webinar, the keynote speakers are Mr. Bhil Leonor, the Senior Technical Consultant, and Ms. Dheza James, the Senior Functional Consultant, both from the top-of-mind business solutions provider, Direc Business Technologies, Inc.

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