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Shifting Businesses to Cloud: Moving Towards Innovation and Transparency

The Direc Business Technologies, Inc has conducted webinar its second collab webinar for Accounting and Finance Managers from different industries, to further introduce the SAP Business One and Solver, it is entitled “Shifting Your Business to Cloud: Moving Towards Innovation and Transparency” and it will be held at Zoom at 10 AM.


The webinar will feature Mr. Edward Riviello, the Channel Manager from the SAP Philippines; and Mr. Anuj Shrestha, the Lead Consultant, and Mr. Scott Benett, the Channel Manager from the Solver APAC. Mr. Riviello will discuss the topic entitled, “SAP B1 and Why Digitalizing your Business is more important than ever”, while Mr. Benett and Mr. Shrestha will be discussing the topic, “Business Agility and Resilience in this Age of Digital Transformation”, wherein the participants have the chance to get exclusive insights and knowledge on possible business risks and decision-making problems brought by the pandemic, and also the intelligent ways and strategies on how your company will prevent it.


Moreover, the webinar will be tackling the Solver and SAP Business One Key Features including Solver Cloud Reporting Environment, Automate Financial Consolidations, Producing and Distributing Board Reports. In addition to this, the speakers will also discuss the typical SAP Business One Reporting Challenges.


Mr. Riviello will elaborate on why many companies shut down due to the impact of the crisis and everyone is shifting to the digital pace, and why every business needs to adapt and transform its operations through identifying the significance, implications, and tools to digitalize your business under this new normal. But there’s more, Mr. Bennett and Mr. Shrestha will tackle the reasons why financial is currently a big concern to every business during these times of crisis, and how to take the right steps towards financial management to ensure the company’s business continuity.

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