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Get in the game with our self-developed software to strengthen your every business touchpoints

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We utilize the latest technologies to develop custom software applications that meet your business needs. Our company has a line-up of self-developed systems that deliver and even exceed predetermined needs to run your business exactly the way you want it. For more information about this product, please message us

IT Security Solutions

Property Leasing System

Learn the most operative way to propagate your real estate investment with a property leasing system. It allows local property managers and maintenance personnel to manage the daily operations of their properties ranging from risk controlling, maintenance, communication, and tenant satisfaction

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Warehouse Management System

Experience an all-in-one solution to operations management in a warehouse that includes inventory management, picking processes, and auditing.

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Save time and money by automating real estate management with our leading easy-to-use and feature-rich web-based software – Direc Real Estate Management System. A simple way to streamline maintenance and operations for both property managers and tenants

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The EasySAP add-on aims to provide a more straightforward and user-friendly version of SAP inventory-related transactions that include additional functionalities of RFID and Barcode in just a tap!

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Get your hands on the smooth data integration between POS systems, other ERP solutions, and other platforms. Make everything interconnected!

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A secured online ordering platform that empowers you to order supplies online via your website. Thanks to its flexibility, it can be moved out quickly for a single restaurant or cafe, or customized as a fully exclusive enterprise-level solution for franchises and multi-site locations

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Easily track your sales, inventory, and fulfillment as well as ensuring all processes and people in-between are kept informed and up-to-date. A sales ordering system that diminishes delays and shows real-time information visibility.

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