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Warehouse Management System

Warehouse Management System (WMS) is an integrated web-based application with Barcode scanning functionality that is mainly used for its receiving, inventory transfer, and withdrawal of transactions/ items provided by the customer. It is a solution for the Warehouse operations. A barcode-driven system which integrates seamlessly with an installed SAP Business One.

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Receiving and Releasing of Finished Goods

Manage your receiving and releasing of each item/pallet with the use of WMS. You can review the incoming goods to ensure that the authorization documents are accurate and correct. You can also monitor the releasing and transferring of an item from the warehouse to production to simplify the monitoring of inventory and improved record accuracy.

Put Away and Break Case

WMS automates the assigning of shelves based on item and warehouse classifications. The system can assist with put away tasks by identifying open bin locations. Having a break case feature, helps you segregate current stocks on shelves for the releasing of transfer of barcodes.

Quality Assurance

Ensuring your customer that you can provide products that are in good quality and specifications helps a lot to your company. When your product fails to meet your quality specifications, the result can be a loss of product and revenue. WMS is the right system to help you meet the requirements by setting parameters to reduce the overall number of returns.

Barcode Printing / RFID Assignment

With WMS, you can use a Barcode Scanner and RFID Reader to complete your inventory count. In this case, warehouse staff won’t be required to enter barcode numbers manually. Entering barcodes using device reduces the risk of human error or double data entry. The ability to scan products by Barcode or RFID enables faster and accurate recording of data.

Bin Locator / Defining Bin and Rack Locations

Bin location clears the confusion in finding your product by giving you the exact place of storage right from the warehouse bin location. With WMS, you can easily manage movement across multiple locations or warehouses for easier management and monitoring.

Features for Warehouse Management System

Enhance Inventory Visibility/ Increase Inventory Accuracy Within Warehouse

Improves Bin Management / Improves Warehouse Space

Increases Warehouse Operation Security

Effective Quality Management Control

Benefits of Warehouse Management System