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An Android based system that allows the sales agents to make sales orders and to view sales and inventory. It hepls drivers to deliver the products to the customers without delays.

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Sales Order
Efficiently manage your sale orders through your mobile device. Its integrated functionality provides complete view of your sales from server to your mobile device, and wherever you are.


Tracking of Deliveries
Provide convenient ways to stay informed of the delivery status Route Map
Can calculate directions by using a route map reference. This function communicates to Google Map which receives direction requests and returns computed results. Connected to Waze
Get the best route, every day, with real-time help from other drivers.


Report Viewer
Real-time viewing of Sales reports and inventory reports anytime, anywhere. Additional reports can also be customized according to company’s requirements.

Special Features

Integrated with other App
Sales Cube can be integrated to any ERP particularly to SAP Business One. Accepts Signature On-Screen
Monitors real time delivery status through acknowledgement of customers via signature on the mobile device. GPS Coordinates and Image
Can capture the image and GPS coordinates where the sale transaction happens.

Features for SalesCube

Sales Ordering

Users can easily take sales order using a tablet.

Keep Track of Deliveries

Easily monitor the status of each deliveries.

Route Map Reference

A form based application that primarily displays roads and transport links, views all routes of your destination and schedule delivery and assigning driver.

Connected to Waze

To provide quicker navigation routes to help drivers to ensure the fastest route to their destination.

Accepts Signature On-Screen

To ensure if the items ordered was successfully delivered, you can use signature on screen for the confirmation of your customers

Automatic Update of Data from Server

Update your data anywhere and anytime.

Relevant Reports such as Daily Sales, Top Sales Items (Dashboard Reports) Can Easily Be Generated

View your reports in your mobile.

Take Customers Order Even When Offiline

Benefits of SalesCube