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Sales Cube

Sales Cube is an android-based system that allows the main office to take a sales order and to view inventory using a tablet. It also helps drivers to deliver the products to the customer without any delay by having a complete tracking of all scheduled deliveries. It monitors sales, stock, and performance while ensuring that all processes and people in-between are informed and up-to-date.

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Features Of Sales Cube

Sales ordering

Sales Cube can support every sales staff in taking orders directly to customers outside the office from a tablet device while being offline. It helps to have a faster flow of information and create lower error rates. The sales orders recorded is stored in the device and shall be forwarded to the main office server after being connected to the internet and triggered by the sales staff.


Efficient and timely delivery is the expectation of any customer. Sales Cube can help sales employees keep track of deliveries using a route map reference that displays roads and transport links. It also sets out a delivery schedule and a specific driver who will be in charge of the delivery. Also, the system is directly connected to Waze to assist assigned drivers by providing faster navigation routes to their scheduled delivery address.

Payment collection

When the ordered item is delivered to the customer, Sales Cube allows the agent to collect payment and gives you the option of printing a receipt of an acknowledgment from a portable printer to be provided to the customer. Customers may also choose their preferred mode of payment, such as cash or check, as more reliable cash flow management translates into more capital available for reinvestment in the business.


Sales Cube is not only intended for sales ordering process, but can also provide an intensive dashboard that includes the user profile, top order items, and a daily sales report. Reports can also be customized according to the company’s preferences.

Benefits Of Sales Cube

Seamless order management

Drive more revenue

Better sales and inventory reporting

Achieve higher customer satisfaction