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Property Leasing System

Property Leasing System tracks lease details to effectively manage financial obligations and other information for real estate and leased assets. This system can cater numerous number of property groups/sites.

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Billing and Leasing

Overdue Accounts
With Surety Bond
For Renewal (depending on the current month of transaction)
With Penalties
By Lot size

Billing Statements

Documents with Concerns

Tenant Details

Fixed Costs

Other Costs

Other Cost Escalation


Property Maintenance

Record New Property
Record New Building
Record New Floor
Record New Stall
Record New Penalty
Auto E-mail
User Management

Mobile App

Collection of Basic Rent
Advance Rent
Readings of Utilities such as Water and Electricity

Integration of master data with SAP Business One

Setting up of Multiple Properties
Setting up of different types of properties (Residential, Commercial)

Features for Property Leasing System

Real Time Access to Information

Increase and Maintain the Value of Rental Property

Reduced Costs

Finances and Billing Statement Are Easy to Monitor

Save Time by Sharing Documents Online

Faster Communication of Tenant and Leasing Company

Regular Data Tracking and Easier Report Generation

Benefits of Property Leasing System