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Property Leasing System

Property Leasing System tracks lease details to effectively manage financial obligations and other information for real estate and leased assets. This system can cater numerous number of property groups/sites.

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Property Set up

It allows the landlord to manage commercial properties in one place in a comprehensive and flexible manner. Monitor the general information pertaining to property specifications (recording of a new property, building, and floor, stall). Property owners can also set rents, configure late fees, waive fees if necessary, and manage recurring charges such as parking fees and utility bills.

Property Leasing Management

To increase uniformity, maximize reliability, and improve the accuracy of collaboration, work out one com apprehensive set of data across your entire business. It enables landlords and tenants to have a unified view of their overdue accounts, with a guarantee bond, on renewal applications, penalties and property details for easier tracking and monitoring.

Online Tenant's Portal

Simplify the experience of the landlord-tenant by providing an online communication portal that opens the door for engagement and enhanced relationship. Any request of the tenant shall be subject to the approval of the Property Owner.

Billing Wizard

It allows the Property Owner to set property parameters and the billing schedule. A step-by-step guided module that calculates the billing statement according to the set parameters (i.e., date, cycle, type of property). It will, therefore, generate a list of billing summaries categorized as billing statements (previous and current billing of tenants) and Documents with Concerns (an overview of stalls with similar issues that require resolution).

Billing Statements

It provides an overview of listed stalls with a summary of their previous and current billing. Property owners may choose to export these reports to a PDF File or proceed to statement. In order to generate billing, a user would need to identify: tenant details, fixed costs, other costs (amount, percentage), utility cost, fixed, and other cost escalation and penalties.

Mobile Application

The Mobile Application is designed for the Authorized Collector and Tenant of the Company. It provides quick and convenient access to the relevant information needed by both users.

Reporting and Analytics

P.L.S can offer five customized reports depending on the user’s request. Scale your business and adapt to strategic market shifts quickly using customized reports that can show forecast on your property profits, calendar, outstanding balance report, postdated checks inventory, and near expiry contracts. These are the relevant data that landlords can use to make a better and faster decision. Identify and analyze trends with powerful data visualization and reporting.

Features for Property Leasing System

Real Time Access to Information

Increase and Maintain the Value of Rental Property

Reduced Costs

Finances and Billing Statement Are Easy to Monitor

Save Time by Sharing Documents Online

Faster Communication of Tenant and Leasing Company

Regular Data Tracking and Easier Report Generation

Benefits of Property Leasing System