People Navee

A Human Resource Information System that automates your talent acquisition, task management, employee records, administration, timekeeping, and payroll processing. People Navee is designed not just to boost your HR processes but also to engage with your workforce.

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Features Of People Navee

Flexible timekeeping application

Enjoy flexible timekeeping and attendance by ensuring that all are recorded in real-time to avoid payroll discrepancies. After all, traditional data entry and profile creation leave much room for human error, while People Navee is advanced in how it stores and provides real-time data.

Employee 201

With People Navee, you can have a single hub for employee documents that provide precise employee details. It shows complete names, titles, addresses, and other work information that can be accessed in real-time. Rationalize your processes by minimizing the need for manual data entry and paper records, thus increasing accuracy and efficiency.

Streamline payroll administration

With People Navee, you can now process your payroll fast. By letting you manage payroll correctly and automatically, it leads to better compliance without any extra labor. In addition to making deductions and proper distributions, the system can also help ensure reports are filed correctly and punctually.

Unlimited employee list

DOLE standard OT and holiday

BIR 2316 Annualization processing

Benefits Of People Navee

Convenient, user-friendly, and Self-service applications

Centralized employee records


On-premise or cloud-based web