Business Shopping Online Concept.


eCart is a web-based system that can be used by both franchising and distribution customers to purchase items online easily and conveniently. They can also quickly choose the order they need for their convenience. The entire ordering process only takes a matter of seconds. By integrating an eCart System into your business, you can make orders more efficient and convenient for your customers.

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Customer Online Ordering

Franchising and distribution customers can easily order online in just one click away. This is a better alternative to waiting until you get home and placing an order over the phone. The customers can choose the order based on the items shown. It’s appealing when customers see your items visually as they can push them to order more items. eCart allows the authorized dealer to add multiple items in the cart, and place items on the wishlist that can be easily transferred to cart anytime. Approving officers may also create orders for specific customers and store, approve, reject, post, and even cancel orders.


eCart is equipped with online payment benefits for your company. Customers will appreciate that they have the option of finishing their orders and paying online. The customer has the option of selecting the preferred mode of payment (cash, check, and bank transfer). The system also accepts online payments ranging from Vista MasterCard, Bancnet, ECpay, 7/11 (over-the-counter), GCash (Wallet), Grabpay (Wallet), and Alipay.

Order Delivery

Businesses can save time managing deliveries to multiple customers within a different location. The eCart enables your customers to choose the preferred delivery option for their product, such as pick up or delivery.

Delivery Integration with Transportify

For those customers who prefer to have a same-day delivery option, eCart may have an integration with Transportify that can speed up the delivery of any ordered items. A wide range of delivery services can be accepted either within Metro Manila or to any provincial city. The service is designed to connect businesses and customers with qualified drivers and their vehicles. Giving your customers the best delivery experience can help you achieve success and boost sales. A real-time rate calculation will also be generated upon delivery. With this, companies can maximize the cost-effectiveness and probability of every placed order.

SMS Notification

With eCart, companies can provide instant SMS notifications to their customers. This ensures the rapid sharing of information or the status of their order. It may be used to send notifications for the customer’s order status, whether it has already been placed, rejected, or approved. This feature will allow the company admin to personalize and deliver different content based on their needs. By having an SMS Notification in your online ordering process, it enables seamless communication across all your customers without the need for an internet connection so that they can receive the prompt order status.


The company’s system administrator can easily communicate with their customers about any concerns and queries with the help of eCart’s chat box. A dedicated person will be assigned to answer questions about their range of products in real-time and quickly. It increases efficiency by enabling the agent to handle multiple chats. This feature will save vendors an enormous amount of time in helping their customers resolve any product issues.

Features for eCart

A Surge in Revenue by Getting Orders Faster and Easier

Reliable Deliveries and Accurate Order Fulfillment

Keep Customers Happy and Satisfied

Reduce Costly Errors

Benefits of eCart