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The EasySAP add-on aims to provide a more straightforward and user friendly version of Inventory related transactions of SAP that includes additional functionalities of RFID and Barcode. EasySAP will cover most processes in Sales and Inventory.

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Sales Order – Unofficial Sales (Concession)

A/R Invoice

Sales Invoice

Purchase Order

Receiving Report (RR/GRPO)

Item Master Data

Warehouse Lock

Print Layout

Carton Management

Carton List

Allocation Wizard

Inventory Transaction

Barcode Printing

Barcode per BP

Features for EasySap

RFID – For Easier Monitoring of Inventory

Increase No. Of Users of SAP via EASYSAP

Faster Inventory Counting Because of RFID Integration

Items Can Be Easily Located in the System

SAP Can Be Dedicated to Other Users; Whose Personnel Will Only Have Access in EASYSAP

Benefits of EasySap