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Direc Real Estate Management System

DREAMS stands for Direc Real Estate Management Software. This project is a web-based reservation and billing system. It allows users to record their client/prospect client’s information and keep track of the status of the transaction whether it is for inquiry, reservation, or payment transactions.

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Features Of Direc Real Estate Management System

Property management

With Direc Real Estate Management System (DREAMS), real estate companies can manage multiple properties easily. They can instantly record their customer/buyer's information, property documents, monthly amortization table, and status on any transaction whether it’s an inquiry, reservation, or payment transaction.

Buyer's information data

DREAMS can provide quick access to all their existing and potential clients data in one place, which the agent may use to track the status of each property buyer from the initial sales quotation to reservation and closing. In this way, the agent can determine how they can best communicate and update them on their properties’ progress.

Customer online sales quotation

It provides an instant summary of the sales quotation which helps customer gain insight if they’re financially capable of owning a specific property. Moreover, the prospective buyer may also view the property and determine the sales quotation, quick assessment, computation sheet, reservation fee, and down payment schedule. DREAMS can also print a sample computation sheet for any queries from walk-in clients.

Property selection and reservation

Direc Real Estate Management System (DREAMS) may provide a graphical presentation of the site to any prospective buyer during the reservation and show its availability and status. The system ensures that information on the property is provided depending on the preference of any buyer.


Convenient managing of payments is essential to increase the buying and selling of real estate properties. With DREAMS, any customers also have an option to choose their preferred method of payment, such as cash, check, or bank transfer. Agents can instantly record the payment received from the respective customer and automate based on its due date, penalty, and interest.

Document requirement

With DREAMS, real estate companies can view the list of document requirements to be submitted by each buyer, select the document number to be processed, and choose the file to be uploaded. The agent can also preview and remove the uploaded file and add remarks using the system. It will also help to provide cancellation reminders if the customer has not complied with the submission of any necessary documents.


The transferring and changing in the computation of monthly installment interest and charges for distressed accounts is automated with DREAMS. Restructure can also be carried out if there is a transfer of unit, change of financing scheme and ownership, waiving of penalties, and additional discount during the down payment stage of the buyer.

Benefits Of Direc Real Estate Management System

Quick access to Information

Minimizes administration cost

Payment schedule is easier to monitor

Storing buyer’s document is convenient