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Direc Business Technologies Inc. is an honored service provider of PeopleFluent to human resource departments for boosting employee performance, recruiting talents, and improving organizational structure and operations. Through intelligent business management solutions, Direc helps organizations everywhere to target areas that you can develop so your business is always at its best performance.

Your best resource is your people. You can only win by investing in them, just as you do in expanding other areas of your business.

PeopleFluent tells you exactly how you can do this.

What Is PeopleFluent?

PeopleFluent is a talent management software that provides an end-to-end solution from hiring, developing, to advancing your workforce. It is packed with features that handle everything from recruitment, onboarding, performance, compensation, succession, and learning.

365-day Experience

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For your employees, the steps are hiring, onboarding, and career changes. For employers, the steps are decision-making, compensation, succession, and organizational planning. We are here to support each step of your journey.

Curiosity and Creativity among Workforce

We help you recognize, develop, and award talent, which in turn allows your business to thrive. Having the right technology and the right processes can create a truly positive experience for employees making them curious, creative, and happy at the workplace.

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Continuous Growth and Learning

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We come with an access to Learning Technologies Group – an avenue for digital learning and talent management. Learn new strategies and technologies and be one step ahead of obstacles by taking advantage of this resource available to you.

How It Works

PeopleFluent lets you upload employee information, setup their individual goals, and track their performance through measurable indicators, such as customer satisfaction scores, technical competencies, overall ratings, and comments. 

It also generates feedback and suggestions on how you can help your employee improve, may it be through more training, courses, and the like.

Your employee evaluation is done in a truly objective and data-backed manner.

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