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Improve Your Business Security with SOPHOS

What does SOPHOS do to improve your business’s security?

  1. Scheduled scans
  2. Removes suspicious files
  3. Targets viruses
  4. Improves email security
  5. Advanced firewall

Businesses focus on the protection of their assets. They are always on the hunt for the most effective methods of securing their resources and preventing unwanted instances of their resources from getting compromised. Adapting to a continually changing cybersecurity landscape can be a challenge for these businesses to achieve, especially with the constant arrival of threats that they may not know how to completely address. Keeping this in mind, it’s highly advantageous for these companies to improve their business security with SOPHOS. Traditional conglomerations of antivirus software are merely inadequate in offering protection to these companies, which is why investing in SOPHOS is their best bet on arming themselves against unpredictable cybersecurity threats.

What is SOPHOS?

Simply put, SOPHOS Group refers to a cybersecurity company based in the United Kingdom, which offers endpoint security, advanced threat prevention, and network encryption for businesses and private individuals. Through a wide variety of cybersecurity protection software, companies have been able to conduct their operations and communications more safely. Continue reading to learn more about how your business can take advantage of SOPHOS’s most reliable security solutions.

Scheduled scans

One of the advantages of SOPHOS is that it has the ability to conduct scheduled scans across your business’s centralized network. In particular, their XG Firewall Xstream features a Deep Packet Inspection capable of scanning your network traffic for sources of potential threats to your company’s overall network system. As such, businesses also have the capacity to denote when these scheduled scans should take place without the possibility of their processes slowing down.

As mentioned before, purveyors of cybersecurity threats have begun moving towards more advanced methods of attacking networks. With SOPHOS’ DPI, it can offer your business with a more advanced form of packet — responsible for carrying internet-protocol data — which is capable of comprehensively managing and examining the traffic of the network.

SOPHOS’s scheduled scanning system is an automated way for you to constantly protect your network traffic from threats that your business’s security capabilities may not necessarily know how to deal with.

Removes suspicious files

Removes Suspicious Files

As mentioned before, SOPHOS is able to conduct comprehensive scanning on your entire network. Having this in mind, it would also be able to address and remove files that exhibit suspicious behavior.

When businesses do not rely on dedicated software for scanning their entire network, they would not be able to detect these specific types of files. Without their knowledge, they might end up in highly-avoidable situations where they might execute the file, not knowing that it can have negative and far-reaching outcomes for the entire network.

Alternatively, businesses also have the freedom to denote and authorize which files are to be classified as suspicious. Businesses and users would also be able to authorize the software to allow the execution of these suspicious files, as necessary.

Targets viruses

Of course, no kind of network security protection software would be complete without being able to target viruses. Whether it be adware, malware, or phishing viruses, SOPHOS has the capacity to handle all of these comprehensively. Businesses wouldn’t want their entire network compromised as this can have negative privacy implications.

SOPHOS, in particular, can arm itself against a variety of phishing attacks. This is characterized as a type of attack which involves the attacker impersonating a legitimate business to trick users into sharing private information. Your business should be able to rest on the fact that SOPHOS prevents your employees from inputting credentials into non-trustworthy sites. They would also have no way of downloading phishing viruses, which can gather sensitive information from your company, making sure that your business wouldn’t simply unknowingly give out valuable assets and different kinds of resources.

Improves email security

Improves Email Security

A truly effective cybersecurity protection software should be able to anticipate threats of varying degrees. They should be able to predict sources of potential attacks to email addresses. Emailing is one of the most valuable and most widely used avenues of communication between and among businesses – they need to be protected as much as possible.

SOPHOS Email utilizes artificial intelligence to filter out spam from your employees’ email inboxes and remove suspicious links containing phishing attacks. Data-driven reports generated by SOPHOS emails also identify key users from your company prone to clicking on suspicious links sent to their emails. These reports enable your business’s management to issue sufficient warning to these concerned employees and avoid these situations from happening in the future.

Furthermore, SOPHOS Email prevents your business or company’s email arm from garnering a negative reputation due to sending out loads of spam mail to different people, allowing you to maintain good standing in your industry.

Advanced firewall

As mentioned before, SOPHOS’s software is highly customizable to fit the users’ needs. The SOPHOS XG Firewall features an intuitive control center which offers users with a high level of visibility into threats and activity on your business’s network. This software exposes the most essential information so you can focus your business’s security efforts on the things which matter.

For example, the XG Firewall dashboard’s administrative tools allow users to view the depth of encryption in the network traffic. For example, easy-to-identify indicators using a “traffic light” system allows the administration to fixate on high-risk areas.

Key Takeaway

As a business owner, you’d want only the best security outcomes. Protecting your company’s most valuable resource can be made possible as long as you invest in third-party solutions such as SOPHOS.

Make a choice to improve your business security with SOPHOS. It protects your entire network from cybersecurity attacks that may compromise the way you conduct your overall operations.