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Future-Proof Your Workforce: Managing Talent in Times of Crisis

Let’s get back to work!
In this pandemic era, we need to be fully prepared and knowledgeable in responding to the
crisis. It’s the right time for the human resources to discover, learn, and adapt innovative
solutions that will assist you in efficient people management, more importantly, during and after
the COVID-19 crisis.
Be future-ready and walk through the path in “Future-Proof Your Workforce: Managing Talent in
Times of Crisis”. This free webinar aims to share with you the current trends, innovative HR
tools and solutions, and efficient HR management in managing your talents, especially in times
of pandemic.

• Know the future of HR by staying up-to-date on the current trends aligned to the “new normal”
work set-up.
• Deep understanding of HR’s vital roles in managing people during the pandemic, from
recruitment, retention, and rewarding talents.
• Align and elevate employee experience in driving your culture into a post-pandemic work set-
up according to employee life cycle— attracting, hiring, onboarding, engaging, performing,
developing, and departing.
• Discover how to keep your employees engaged despite the pandemic crisis through an
innovative HR solution.

At Direc Business Technologies Inc., we are passionate about people. We are passionate about
workplaces that place humans at the forefront of the business.
The webinar is on the 22nd of June 2020. We’d love to e-meet you there!

Best Regards,
Direc Business Technologies, Inc.

Register Now: https://bit.ly/3cn00U7