Delving into the Future of Sales: Predict and Control - Direc Business Technologies, Philippines

Delving into the Future of Sales: Predict and Control

To address the current pain points of our Salespeople and learn how do they will cope with the unforeseen changes in the market nowadays, the Direc Business Technologies, Inc., will have a webinar on October 21, 2020, via Zoom, exclusively for the Customer Support/Service Manager, Customer Service Representatives, Director of Customer Experience, Customer Experience Manager/Head of Customer Experience, Director of Information Technology/IT Head, Any Support/Customer Service Position, Sales Manager, Director of Sales, and Operations Manager.


The webinar will share insights on how they will build and foster relationships with their prospects and customers while getting through hard situations like during these times. Moreover, it will also help them to strengthen and organize their sales practices.


In order to provide them tips and advice, we have invited speakers who are CRM experts and well-known from their respective fields and work industry. The resource speakers of the webinar will be Ms. Anamaria Mercado,  the managing consultant of Consumer Insight, and the Program Director in the Ateneo Center for Continuing Education, and Victor Viana, the Regional Senior Sales Manager, Asia at Zendesk to share with us what will be the future of Sales – in order for us to somehow to be of control of the situation.

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